Meeting Announcement (1st Weekend in August)


Most of the time, I send out meeting reports after we have experienced a wonderful time in the Lord, but I would like to start announcing meetings beforehand in the same way that I report on them afterwards.  In this way, perhaps it will encourage more visitation and certainly an increased level of prayers in our behalf for a wonderful outpouring of the Spirit during the time.

Lord willing, Cool Springs will host her annual August meeting on the 1st Sunday weekend of August beginning on the Wednesday night before.  The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday August 1st: Communion 7:30pm
Thursday August 2nd: Supper 6:30, Service 7:30
Friday August 3rd: Supper 6:30, Service 7:30
Saturday August 4th: Service 11am, Lunch, Supper 6:30, Service 7:30
Sunday August 5th: Service 11am, Lunch, Service 6:30

Lord willing, Elder Joe Holder from Riverside, CA and Elder Luke Laird from near Tuscaloosa, AL will be with us to do the preaching.  Both of these brethren have graciously consented to be with us from start to finish.  While we know it is a sacrifice for these men to make the effort to be with us for that long of a stretch, we hope and pray that the Lord will not only bless us by their presence but also bless them to enjoy their visit and even enjoy their own preaching while among us.  While we would love for all of our kindred in Christ to be with us, we realize that such is just not feasibly possible.  If you cannot come to worship with us, pray for us that we would be smiled upon from on high.  The folks around here have already been talking about it in great anticipation, which is generally a good sign of a lot of prayers.

If you would like to come and be with us and have never been to Cool Springs before, there are directions on our website along with contact information to let us know you are coming.  While I realize that it is a growing trend among Old Baptists to stay in a motel, if you come and would like to stay overnight, please get in touch with me or one of our deacons.  We have far too many beds in too many good homes for someone to suffer through motel beds, purchased meals, and no fellowship!  Our website is:

In Hope,

Bro Philip

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