Meeting Report (March 2014)


This past weekend (February 28th – March 2nd), the Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Danville, GA was privileged to host her March Meeting. Elder David Guttery, pastor of the Mt Olive PBC in Cullman, Al, was the invited minister. He was delivered again and again by the mighty and gracious hand of God all weekend. Though no man’s preaching is perfect as the frailties of the flesh creep in, his preaching was just what we needed at such a time, which can only be attributed to the direction and guidance of the Holy Ghost. There were so many blessings during the course of the weekend, that to number them all up would take days upon days. To enumerate a few, we had gorgeous weather, good visitation from our sister churches, and were lifted above the world a little farther than is customary at special meetings like these.

Though there was no dip in preaching throughout the weekend, the highlight of the meeting was Saturday night’s service. It was one of the truly special services where words fail to describe the experience. The most fitting and apt description for it is to compare it to the manifestation of God’s glory in the Old Testament when the cloud descended upon the tabernacle in the wilderness. We were moving amidst the thick cloud of God’s Spirit, where spiritual awareness was heightened, the world melted from view, and the sight of Jesus Christ and Him crucified sprang into tight focus. When Brother David finished his discourse, there was much tenderness during the handshake with fond embraces and manifest compassion. After the handshake, the congregation began singing “Gloryland” which was fitting due to the subject matter of the sermon that night: 2nd Coming of Christ. During the song, tears flowed, and shouting was heard in the house. Our forebears used to call this kind of service the “you had to be there” experience, and one of our sister church’s deacons remarked later, “You all have had a wonderful meeting, but that service was like the old days.”

Brother David had to leave after lunch on Sunday, and I was fully expecting to have to close the meeting in a preaching way Sunday night. However, the Lord graciously added another blessing to us. Elder Ricky Harcrow had to be in the area to conduct a funeral Sunday afternoon that was being held in our meetinghouse. After the funeral, I managed to convince him to stay over and preach the last service of the meeting. The Lord richly blessed Brother Ricky, and though he was not part of the meeting to that point, the measure of the Spirit that we had been blessed with remained upon him too. He was visibly moved during his message, as he could feel the rich outpouring that remained from the start of the meeting all the way till we sadly had to close the series of services and rejoin the trenches of the world.

As the unworthy pastor, I was touched at the effort that the church made in hosting the meeting. Though putting on a meeting of this sort is a labour, it is a labour of love that is more than worth the effort. Rarely have I seen such a moving series of services that touched so many saints in that powerful a fashion. The visitors that came to be with us remarked at how moved they were by the power of the experience. A deacon from a church in South Georgia spoke to me after service Saturday night that he was about to gather his family after going through the handshake and get a start out the door and begin their longish journey home. He waited around after church that night to tell me that he felt the hand of the Lord upon him that led him to stay. After the “extra song” and shouting, he said that he had not been that moved spiritually in a long time and realized then why the Lord impressed him to stay. Our hearty thanks to all of our kindred who prayed for us, worshipped with us, and aided their service and efforts to our meeting. Most of all, we bow in humble thanks to a merciful Father who has favoured such undeserving creatures as we are in such a mighty way. Truly, remembrances as these make us ever thankful to be children of God and supremely grateful that we have had the oasis of the church in our journey through the desert of life. Finally, on a personal note I would like to say how enriching the weekend was to me. Preachers need to hear good preaching, and Lord have mercy how we heard it! My batteries have been more than recharged. My soul has been elevated to say in fervency, “Press on!”

Friday Night

Prayer: Elder Craig Lanier
Preaching: Elder David Guttery – “The Opening and Alleging of the Holy Scriptures.” Brother David brought forth that God’s Book opens and alleges things that bring certainties to our minds. We can have assurance, comfort, and hope in our lives based on the blessed and faithful promises of God as declared and manifested through His word.
Prayer: Brother Andy Miles

March Meeting - 20140302 - David Guttery
Elder David Guttery (Pastor of Mt. Olive PBC)

Saturday Morning

Prayer: Elder Dan Bryant
Preaching: Elder David Guttery – “Rejoice that Your Names are Written in Heaven.” Brother David, referenced Luke 10:20 to show and then illustrate in detail that even the good and blessed things in life do not compare with being written in heaven. The Lord’s book has a record of His people, and all the other books that heaven contains do not change the fact that the Lamb’s book authoritatively holds the identity of the Lord’s people in the most secure place of God’s throneroom.
Prayer: Elder Jabin James

Saturday Night

Prayer: Elder Gary Rhodes
Preaching: Elder David Guttery – “The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.” Brother David started with Hebrews 9:28, and by the time the message had concluded, the congregation came to clearer focus of just what an experience “without sin” was really like. What a glorious experience that will surely be!
Prayer: Elder Frank King

Sunday Morning

Prayer: Elder Philip Conley
Preaching: Elder David Guttery – “The Duty of Man.” Brother David started with Ecclesiastes 12:13 and moved through passages such as Micah 6:8 to show that the charge of a “Do Nothing Religion” of grace is polar opposite of the truth. Children of God have enough to keep us busy all the time every day for the rest of our lives.
Prayer: Brother Dan Hall

 March Meeting - 20140302 - Congregation Singing
 Sunday Morning Congregational Singing

Sunday Night

Prayer: Licentiate Win Kuck
Preaching: Elder Ricky Harcrow – “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” Brother Ricky began in Matthew 16 with Christ asking His apostles who men said he was and who they said he was. From there, he followed the revelation down to the present hour with the household of faith still contending that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and did what He said He did.
Prayer: Elder Jeremy Sarber

 March Meeting - 20140302 - Ricky Harcrow
 Elder Ricky Harcrow (Pastor of Rome-Midway PBC)

Here are some lunchroom photos during the lunch hour on Sunday:

 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 1
 “Preacher Counseling” – Elder David Guttery getting counsel from the deaconry: Brothers Mike Sheppard, Caleb Howell, and Dan Hall
 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 2
 “The Young Adult Crew” – Brother Josh Hall, little Elias Howell, his mother Sister Amanda Howell, across from Sister Cameron Moore and Samantha Howell
 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 3
 “The Younger Nobles Grandchildren Crew” – Alex Watson, Sister Brooke Cavanah, Sister Olivia Sanders, Quincy Nobles, Brother Ben Cavanah, and Rachel Nobles
 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 4
 “The Aaron Bryant Clan” – Brother Aaron Bryant, Sister Retha Mae Bryant, Leah Bryant, Elaine Bryant, Sister Whitney Bryant, Brother Dustin Bryant, and Heather Wood
 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 5
 “The Brown Trio” – Walker Brown, Brother Will Brown, and Laine Brown, while their grandmother Sister Cathy Williams looks on
 March Meeting - 20140302 - Lunch 6
 “Last But Not Least” – little Elsie Howell enjoying what lunch she doesn’t smash

Philip N. Conley

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