Meeting Report (August Meeting 2016)


This past weekend (August 3rd-7th) the Cool Springs PBC was blessed to host her annual meeting. Elder Mike Montgomery (pastor of the Old School PBC in Ft Worth, TX) and Elder Chris Crouse (pastor of the Little Union PBC in Lithia, FL) were invited to preach for the series of services. Truly, this meeting will be lodged within our memory banks as a precious time with the Lord and His people. The sermons were edifying and comforting to the flock while also serving as a powerful redounding to God’s glory. The meeting was the kind that seemed to rise higher and higher as it went on. While all of it was blessed, the manifestations of God’s Spirit got thicker and more pronounced.

The church was blessed to have many visitors from sister churches, and we pray that they were strengthened in the power of God’s might as well as we. With life seemingly growing darker and darker, it was refreshing to have another stop in the oasis where the light of God’s grace was shone upon the inhabitants of Zion. Whether old or young, rich or poor, male or female, the world today presents many problems and temptations for both the morality and theology of God’s faithful children. The meeting addressed steadfastness in both areas, and we thank God for His timely answers and reminders of where our hope lies and how we should live and respond to it.

Wednesday Night


Thursday Night

Prayer: Elder Garry Hall
Preaching: Elder Mike Montgomery – “Tests of Truth” Brother Mike preached from the close of Romans 3 lining out Paul’s arguments on how to measure someone’s theology of salvation. For it to be true, it must pass all the questions asked in that passage.
Preaching: Elder Chris Crouse – “Fleeing From Sin” Brother Chris described the scene between Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. The lesson for us today is to likewise flee from temptation no matter how dire the consequences may become.
Prayer: Elder Ric Stewart

Friday Night

Prayer: Elder Stephen Dyar
Preaching: Elder Chris Crouse – “Better Resurrection vs. Raised From the Dead” Brother Chris talked about elements from the characters of faith in Hebrews 11. He then looked at examples of women having their dead raised back to life contrasted against the superiority of the better resurrection.
Preaching: Elder Mike Montgomery – “Abraham Believed God” Brother Mike went through some of the events in Genesis 15 showing God’s renewal of His covenant with Abraham. Due to the power of the situation, Abraham had confidence and lived after the manner that God had promised.
Prayer: Elder Wesley Watkins

Saturday Morning

Prayer: Elder Michael Hataway
Preaching: Elder Chris Crouse – “God of All Grace” Brother Chris described all the various types of grace that are bestowed by God. Grace has been bestowed for eternal purpose but also for timely deliverances and blessings.
Prayer: Elder Geoff Cofield

Saturday Night

Prayer: Elder Win Kuck
Preaching: Elder Mike Montgomery – “The Last Day of the Last Days” Brother Mike described the events of the last day, and in so doing, he clearly refuted the popular beliefs of today regarding the end times. The last day – as taught by the Scriptures – should bring much comfort to God’s children here.
Prayer: Elder Frank King

Sunday Morning

Prayer: Elder Philip Conley
Preaching: Elder Mike Montgomery – “Naaman the Syrian” Brother Mike charted through the narrative of Naaman being healed of his leprousy in II Kings 5. While going through the story, he brought out many pertinent points for life within the church today.
Prayer: Brother Donnie Howell

Sunday Night

Prayer: Brother Mike Sheppard
Preaching: Elder Philip Conley – “Being Thankful in One Body” Brother Philip described from Colossians 3:15 how thankful we should be today for what the Lord has done for us. This thanksgiving is to be fulfilled within one body in the church.
Prayer: Brother Alec Kuck

We rejoice to know from experiences like this past weekend that God is alive and on His throne still caring for His children here. Rejoice with us brethren!

In Hope,
Bro Philip

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