Meeting Report (March 2011):


In lieu of a "Morning Thoughts" today, please allow me some space of thanksgiving on the written page.  My home church Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Danville, GA enjoyed our annual March meeting this past weekend.  We were blessed with good services, beginning on Friday night going all the way through Sunday night (5 services in all).

Elder James Isaacs from Magazine, AR was our invited minister, and he was truly sent our direction by God this weekend.  While there is much that I could say personally about this man, how much he means to me, and the level of comfortable familiarity that we have with each other (sometimes to the point of playful insults…), a far higher object and prize came brilliantly into view before our eyes in God's pavilions.  Yes, the fellowship was heavenly and the experience refreshing, but the highest order of majesty was put on display in the efforts of worship.

The meeting enjoyed what seemed to me two major themes and avenues of thought from Brother James' preaching.  While firmly bolstering the position of free and amazing grace through the mercy of a loving God, he proceeded to show the path of well-trod, hallowed ground that our aim is to seek while we sojourn here below.  To those that know Brother James and his preaching style, the enlightening – but oftentimes hilarious – illustrations of food, livestock, and personal family experiences were put to very good use in driving the points home in application.  After the wonderful preaching efforts, we again had every reason for thanksgiving for God's saving grace, while seeing again with illumination the path of serving grace here in this world.

Even though every sermon was well blessed, the last one (Sunday night) stirred me perhaps more than the rest.  Using "Love" as his subject (and beginning in I John 4), Brother James proceeded to draw the line showing the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Since God so loved us, so ought we to love one another.  Simple point, yet not so simply applied so many times.  Our hearts burned.  Our faith muscles were exercised, and our souls reached out in yearning to that place we long to see: heaven – our home.

The meeting was quite well attended, and I was personally thankful to see so many of our sister churches visit with us and confirm their love to us by their presence.  May we return the favour in kind by confirming our love to them in the days to come.  On one more personal note, I was also thankful to see Brother James' visit and our meeting encourage so many in needed ways.  One of the younger brothers in the church began for the first time to assist in song leading, and some weary hearts relayed their feelings that so many of the sermon points were "just for them."  Brethren, we do wish all of our family and kindred in Christ could have been with us, but we do sincerely beg an interest in your prayers and bessech you also this day that you rejoice with us!

In Hope,

Bro Philip

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