Meeting Report (Ebenezer Fellowship Meeting 2012)


This past weekend, the Ebenezer Fellowship convened with Bay Springs PBC hosting the meeting in the Cool Springs PBC meetinghouse.  Even though Bay Springs is currently without a pastor (as are 3 other churches in our fellowship), the Lord richly blessed them as excellent hosts throughout the weekend.  Indeed, the Lord smiled upon all of us from start to finish.  Words fail to express the fulness of the Spirit, and mighty power that was felt throughout the services.  As the forefathers and sages of old in the faith used to say, "Heaven came down."  We thank Him for dwelling amongst us, and we pray that He continue to do so for many days to come.

Our thanks go out to all our friends and kindred in Christ who came to meet with us.  While our hearts were knit together while engaged together, we pray that they are still knit though we have had to part once more.  For all the prayers that were obviously offered up on our behalf, we thank each one that was mindful to pray for us.  Thank you; thank you all.  Most of all, thank the Lord for His abundant mercy.

In Hope,

Bro Philip

Elder Garry Hall
(Guest Moderator for Bay Springs PBC who is currently without a pastor)

Order of Services:

Thursday Night

Prayer: Elder Rabon Lord
Preaching: Elder Harold Hunt (Maryville, TN) – I Timothy 1:11-16, The glorious gospel of the blessed God and how it personally touched the life of the Apostle Paul.
Preaching: Elder Chris Crouse (Plant City, FL) – II Thessalonians 1:7, The rest for the troubled soul in this life, centered and anchored upon the eternal glory.
Prayer: Elder Wesley Watkins

Elder Harold Hunt Elder Chris Crouse
Elder Harold Hunt Elder Chris Crouse

Friday Morning

Prayer: Elder Dan Bryant
Preaching: Elder Tony Lester (Starkville, MS) – John 7:47, Never man spake like this man and how His voice reaches and works like no one else's.
Preaching: Elder Will Martin (Cartersville, GA) – Faithfulness of God, contrasted with the unfaithfulness of man.
Preaching: Elder Ronnie Loudermilk (Monroe, GA) – Galatians 5:4, fallen from grace.  Things we can fall from vs. things we can't.
Prayer: Elder Philip Conley

Elder Tony Lester
Elder Will Martin
Elder Tony Lester Elder Will Martin
Elder Ronnie Loudermilk
Elder Ronnie Loudermilk

Friday Afternoon

Prayer: Elder Michael Meek
Preaching: Elder Randall Cagle (Canton, GA) – 5 types of business in God's word: Father's, certain, appointed, needed, not slothful, and own.
Preaching: Elder Danny Wisner (Vidalia, LA) – Jeremiah 31:3, Everlasting love of God to His people.
Prayer: Elder Garry Hall

Elder Randall Cagle Elder Danny Wisner
Elder Randall Cagle Elder Danny Wisner

Friday Night

Prayer: Elder Stephen Dyar
Preaching: Elder Chris Crouse (Plant City, FL) – Psalm 115, II Peter 3, Answering the scoffer's questions about God and His promise.
Preaching: Elder Ronald Lawrence (Nashville, TN) – Ephesians 3:20-21, God does exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think.
Prayer: Elder Frank King

Elder Chris Crouse Elder Ronald Lawrence
Elder Chris Crouse Elder Ronald Lawrence
Congregation A
Congregation B
Congregation C
Congregation during Friday night services

Saturday Morning

Prayer: Elder Bufrey Dean
Preaching: Elder John Scott (Statesboro, GA) – Hebrews 9:27, Appointment to death and the future appointment to change in the resurrection.
Preaching: Elder Danny Wisner (Vidalia, LA) – I Corinthians 15:4, Being saved in the memory of the gospel, knowing that the things we remember can deliver us from the troubles that are coming.
Preaching: Elder Ronald Lawrence (Nashville, TN) – II Corinthians 5:17, Old things are constantly passing away, but the new things of a spiritual nature are ever new and remain and abide forever.
Prayer: Elder Dennis Johnson

Elder John Scott
Elder Danny Wisner
Elder John Scott
Elder Danny Wisner
Elder Ronald Lawrence
Elder Ronald Lawrence
Lunch A
Lunch B
Scenes from Saturday Lunch
Lunch C
Lunch D
Elders Chris Crouse, Ronald Lawrence, Dan Bryant, and Sister Judy Bryant
Left to right (Counter-clockwise): Brother Dustin Bryant, Sister Retha Mae Bryant, Brother Aaron Bryant, and Sister Janice Bryant
Lunch E
Lunch F
Clockwise from bottom left: Elder Tony and Sister Crystal Lester, Brother Jeffrey Weeks, Sister Samantha and Brother Vins Howell
Elder Jabin James, Sister Beth James, Lily and Becca James
Lunch G
Lunch H
Clockwise: Elisabeth Conley, Hannah McDaniel, John Conley, Elizabeth Howell, and Jonathan Howell
Counterclockwise: Brother Win and Sister Laura Kuck, Brother Carson Kuck, Sister Amanda Howell, sitting across from Sisters Cameron and Kathy Moore


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